Caroline Chisholm School has decided to lock down the model to the Chromebook.

The reasons for this decision include:

  • Price -  ranges from $300 - $400
  • Security - operating system is virus-resistant by design
  • Light weight and small size
  • Long battery life
  • Instant On - less time booting
  • Ease of use - Using a Chromebook is exactly the same as using a browser on any other computer
  • Web only applications -  Everything is web-based, which makes the Chromebook agile and safer to use
  • Personalisation - When a student logs into a Chromebook - any Chromebook - their personal apps are delivered to the student for a consistent work environment
  • Use of peripherals (mice, keyboards, monitors, SD cards, USB devices)
  • Wireless networking - All Chromebooks come standard with wireless networking
  • Applications (Apps) - Google and third-party vendors offer a variety of web-based apps that duplicate almost every desktop application available today
  • Multimedia capability -  Every Chromebook comes equipped with speakers, a camera, and ports for headsets/earbuds/speakers, as well as USB (2.0 and 3.0) ports for USB multimedia devices
  • Video conferencing - Every Google user can take advantage of Google Hangouts, which is a video conferencing service that works very well on the Chromebook.

The benefits of locking down this model include: student computers all have the same capabilities, so no student is working with an inferior tool and teachers can plan learning activities around these capabilities. Teaching and learning should be the focus and not on technology.