Our Philosophy

The Caroline Chisholm Preschool philosophy incorporates our school's vision statement and the principles from Early Years Learning Framework.

We acknowledge the original custodians of this land, the Ngunnawal people, and their language. We also acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community.

We believe that each child, family member and educator is a unique and valued individual. We value and respect diversity and celebrate differences in all cultures across our community. We encourage the development of self-identities through positive values, beliefs, abilities and language through school, at home and within the community. We believe that honesty, respect, trust, freedom through responsibility, and doing your best are integral to a positive relationship with each family.

We consider play to be crucial in the lives of young children. We believe that play should be fun, inquisitive, stimulating, exciting, comforting and challenging. We believe in providing an environment that encourages co-operation, problem solving, experimentation, creativity and enquiry. We encourage children to resource their own learning through connecting with people, places, technologies and natural and processed materials. We believe in celebrating children's play, discoveries and learning through reflection and meaningful documentation.

We value the thoughts and ideas of each child. We believe children should be supported and encouraged to follow their learning interests with the support of the preschool community. We aim to provide meaningful, challenging and authentic learning experiences for every member of our preschool.

We foster healthy and active lifestyles and ensure that each child is actively involved with their health and wellbeing. We encourage hygienic practices and healthy eating as well as providing opportunities for physical activity throughout the day.

We encourage communication for a wide range of purposes. We promote the concept that symbols and pattern systems have meaning through informal numeracy and literacy programs. We encourage the use of information and communication technologies to access information and stimulate learning.

Overall, we encourage the students to direct their own learning and development. We aim to provide a comforting and stimulating environment whilst offering guidance, encouragement, and support to each and every child, promoting the understandings connected with independence, responsibility and lifelong learning.