Our Student Pathways

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Commonwealth are committed to working collaboratively to increase the educational engagement, attainment and successful transitions of young people. The ACT has committed to a number of key reforms under the National Partnership, one of which is the stablishment of the ACT Youth Commitment, which will ensure that the needs of each young person are met.  Any student moving from school to further education and training or work continues to be accounted for and supported. This process requires that all students complete Pathways Planning while at school.

The Pathways Plan will enables a young person to think about who they are, what they know, where they are going, how they will get there and who can help them.

The Plan:

  • provides opportunities for young people to explore their unique set of needs and capabilities through identifying their personal strengths, interests and goals
  • provides opportunities for students to reflect and to use this reflection to inform their pathways plan
  • engages, enables and empowers young people
  • supports young people to define their goals and begin to take the necessary steps to attain their goals
  • enables young people to explore the pathways available to them, and
  • assists young people to manage change (both positive and negative).

Students develop their personal Pathway Plan through a structured Careers program.