Our Year 6


As a P-10 school, Caroline Chisholm School places particular focus on the important transition times from

  • Years 6-7,
  • Years 8-9,
  • Year 10-College.

For our Year 6 students, emphasis is placed on managing the rigors of this transition to high school life within a structured and supportive learning environment. Our transition model is a journey from supported and directed daily learning to one of independence, where students can find their own rooms, read their timetable, manage the daily work load, organise themselves with their diary and navigate the social environment that is high school. They have specialist teachers in such areas as Art, Technology, PE and Health and the opportunity to work in high school spaces for subjects such as Science, Drama and Computing Studies.

Students are able to be part of the whole school for such House events as Wellness Week, Chess, a wide variety of sporting teams, some sporting Carnivals, together with a wide variety of academic and enrichment opportunities usually extended to only high school students. They are also exposed to the CCS Ignite Selective program, providing academic extension opportunities in the areas of Mathematics, English and Science.

To cement the transition to Year 7 our students attend camp, providing them with opportunities for growth socially and emotionally, in preparation for the influx of new students and new and exciting friendship and experiences.


All core subjects studied are carefully mapped to ACARA's Australian Curriculum and our whole school focus is the targeted used of data and formative assessment to ascertain student ability and provide meaningful and interesting learning opportunities.

  • In English students explore a variety of text types including – oral presentations, narratives, poetry and expositions. Students work cooperatively in reading and complete independent and class directed novel studies.
  • In SOSE to subject areas are covered
    • Geography: Australia's Place in the World
    • History: Federation and 20th century Australia
  • In Science students are exposed to the wonderful world of experimentation and hypothesis through the topics of:  Microorganisms, Earth's Changing Surface, Essential Energy, Chemical sciences.
  • Mathematics in year 6 has a strong focus on mental computation with the aim of enhancing units studied such as space and geometry, measurement, chance and data and number.
  • Health and Physical Education (HPE) is taught by a specialist HPE Teacher for 6 lessons a fortnight. Students participate in a range of new and engaging physical activities and sports, aimed at developing a lifelong love of health and physical activity.