Ignite Selective

At Caroline Chisholm School we recognise the diversity of student talent and interest within our school community. To support this we have a range of tailored extension and enrichment programs that cater for our high achieving students.

Our Ignite Selective programs are designed for students who require a differentiated curriculum, with a focus on diverse learning styles. We understand the importance of extending cognitive skills together with strong support around student social and emotional needs to ensure full commitment to themselves as learners.

Our current Ignite Selective programs cater for students in the subject areas of:

  • Ignite Selective-Mathematics
  • Ignite Selective-English
  • Ignite Selective-Science
  • Ignite Selective-Sport (Football)

The aim of the Ignite Selective program is to provide genuine extension opportunities for students who have shown giftedness, talent or high ability in these subject areas.

In order to provide quality teaching and best practice programs, Caroline Chisholm School uses a number of models, each suited to its specific subject area and student need. Differentiation, acceleration and compaction of knowledge skills and understanding are all utilised to craft a learning package that is meaningful for our students.

To be a part of the Ignite Selective program students are required to submit an application to the respective KLA Executive Teacher to be eligible to participate in the identification process which includes:

  • Application process
  • Parent referrals
  • Teacher referrals and observation
  • A comprehensive testing process

Following analysis of all submissions students may be offered a place in the Ignite Selective program.