Our Ignite Elective

Caroline Chisholm School has established an elective program titled Ignite Elective. Ignite is aimed at delivering quality programs to our students by specialist teachers in their areas. The fundamental goal is to meet the needs of the students at CCS. The change in structure is to provide the students with more choice, as well as to provide depth, understanding and the ability to be extended. It is also about creating a link to the structure of college and a student's pathways.

Caroline Chisholm School has established elective strands which contain subjects with commonalities in curriculum, teaching and learning, and assessment approaches.

The strands are:







Note: Some subjects belong in more than one strand

In Year 6 students will complete 4 electives which run for a term each. This provides the students with the opportunity to experience an Elective subject in purpose built facilities with specialist teachers.

In Year 7 students will be introduced to the Ignite Elective package where they will have a taste of 4 electives from 4 strands. Each elective will run for a term.

In Year 8 students will be given the opportunity to start making decisions about which elective strand they want to pursue. The students will choose to do one class in Semester One and another in Semester Two. Each class will run for a semester in duration.

In Years 9 and 10 students are expected to complete a minimum of 1 major and 4 minors in 1 or more of the 6 strands. More information is available upon request.

Co-Curricular Activities 

Co-Curricular activities add to the students' enrichment at Caroline Chisholm School. They may have the opportunity to engage in activities which could include:

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