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Outdoor Learning Experiences - School Camps at CCS

At Caroline Chisholm School we value and support the development of the whole child and their growth as a socially and emotionally literate young people. As part of our commitment to well-being, we offer a number of scaffolded outdoor learning experiences starting in the Middle Years and building through to Outdoor Education, offered as part of the Senior Years Ignite Elective Program.

Both year 7 and 8 camps are held at the end of Term 4. Camp information is communicated to all students at the end the previous school year, and payment plans are recommended. For further information in Year 7 and 8 camps, please contact the Middle Years Coordinator.

Year 7 Teambuilding Camp

The Year 7 Teambuilding Camp Program is challenging, combining physical and developmental activities with the overall aim of enhancing the student's self-reliance. It aims to increase their confidence in their own abilities and assist them in learning to cooperate and work with others through controlled experiences.

Year 7 Camp runs for for 3 days and participate in many activities including archery, mountain biking, teambuilding and challenge initiatives (problem solving - individual and group tasks), high wire challenges (Including flying possum, night flying fox, crate challenge, aerial ballet and aerial combat), canoeing, bushwalking/environmental Awareness and some down time just enjoying the river.

Year 8 Challenge and Leadership Camp - Jervis Bay

The Year 8 Challenge and Resilience Camp Program is aimed at getting students to work outside of their comfort zone, and explore areas of leadership they previously may not have considered.

Year 8 Camp runs for for 3 days and includes river sledding, hiking and mountain biking.Camp Images

Links to the Senior Years Program

In 2011, Outdoor Education was introduced at Caroline Chisholm School to allow student who were interested in outdoor recreation to further explore this in the Senior Years.Outdoor Education Images