Our Health and Physical Education

What Drives Us? Health & Physical Education Philosophy

Health and Physical Education (HPE) at Caroline Chisholm School is at aimed at developing all aspects of our student's wellbeing. It is not simply about sport; It is a comprehensive developmental program that aims to develop students into physically active, emotionally literate and socially competent young people.

Here at CCS, we encourage students to strive to achieve their personal goals: Our motto is positive participation, personal best and cooperation.

At CCS, the HPE program is taught over a fortnightly cycle, with these sessions separated into practical lessons (incorporating sport based learning and fitness development activities) and Health.

The Health and Physical Education curriculum is a carefully considered sequential progression of skills and knowledge, encouraging students to strive for personal growth and enjoyment in a safe, challenging environment.

Physical Education in the Middle Years

Physical Education in the Middle Years is organised into units of work aimed at developing skills such as kicking, throwing and catching and striking and concepts such as invasion and defense. A variety of sports are used to teach these skills.

In Year 6 students will participate in Soccer, AusKick, Athletics, Paddle Tennis, OzTag, T-Ball and Netball.

Year 7 students will participate in Touch, Basketball, Cricket, Athletics, Tennis, Softball, AFL and SEPEP Soccer (Sport Education, Physical Education Program Soccer)

SEPEP is a student-centred learning approach where students facilitate and manage a modified season of sport. Students take ownership of the learning: assuming responsibility by taking on roles such as coach, umpire and equipment monitor in addition to that of player. This motivating learning environment allows students to develop interpersonal and cognitive skills along with the playing skills of the sport being learned.

In Year 8 students will participate in Netball, European Handball, Volleyball, Athleticse and Flag Gridiron. Students also have the opportunity to elect a SEPEP unit they will manage as a class.

Health Education

Health Education at Caroline Chisholm School is taught using a 'harm minimization approach', which encourages students to become critical thinkers and provide knowledge and skills to make informed decisions. Middle Years students will study 1 unit of Health per semester, with a strong focus on literacy.

In Middle Years, students will study the following units: 'What's Happening To Me?' , 'Drug Use: Risk and Reality', 'Me, Myself and I', 'Healthy Choices' and 'Relationships and Change'

Dance Education in the Middle Years

Dance Education plays a key role within the HPE curriculum. The role of dance in providing social cohesion, reinforcing group values and as a means to express oneself are well documented. In the Middle Years, Dance Education is scaffolded from students completing an introduction to dance in Year 6, Social Dance and Dance Appreciation and Composition in Year 8. Dance Education in HPE Supplements the Arts Program and Dance Electives offered in Years 8, 9 and 10.