Our Careers

Caroline Chisholm School has a trained Career Development teacher on staff who tailors services to student needs and interests. The broad range of services and programs available include:

Work Experience

Work Experience is highly encouraged as it builds students' workplace skills and fosters reflection on the most suitable appropriate further education and employment options while students are still at school. Most students make multiple work experience placements before completing Year 10 and caare able to commence from 14 years of age. Placements are made based on student interest, host availability and are timed to compliment other student commitments. Placements assist students in building their resume and occasionally lead to casual employment, however the main benefit is in helping the student make informed decisions about their future.

Australian School-based Apprenticeships

An Australian School-Based Apprenticeship (ASBA) gives students over 15 years of age the option of starting an Australian Apprenticeship part time while they are still at school. Students earn an apprenticeship wage as they work toward a nationally recognised qualification in addition to their Year 10 Certificate. The ASBA continues into college and is generally completed while the student is in year 12. The ASBA involves workplace and vocational learning one or two days a week toward a certificate qualification.  The school workload is negotiated and modified to support participation in an ASBA. At college an ASBA counts as one of the student’s five courses.

School Leavers

Young people are required by law to remain in education training or employment until 17 years of age.  Anyone seeking to leave the Caroline Chisholm School before completing Year 10 is advised to seek assistance from the Careers teacher and the Deputy well in advance.

Further details on all services may be obtained from the school's Career Development teacher.