Our Curriculum

Literacy and Numeracy is planned in teams to ensure that the programs developed meet the needs of students across all cohorts. The use of First Steps Reading and Writing enables teachers to take a whole school approach. Reading and writing strategies are explicitly taught through the use of Big Books, Guided Reading and Guided Writing sessions. Students receive reading certificates after every 25 nights of reading, to encourage reading at home.

GoMaths connects our Mathematics program to the Australian Curriculum and this is supported through Count Me in Too, Numicon and Middle Years Mental Computation numeracy programs. The computer based program, Mathletics, helps to engage students alongside the hands on maths activities and experiences offered in the classrooms.

To meet the curriculum requirements of Science, History, Geography, Arts and Technology, teachers use Understanding by Design to develop inquiry based units of work. These units provide opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of our world in science, history and the environment.

Music is developed from Preschool through to year 5. Preschool to year 2 have a Kodály based music development program that includes, singing, percussion and movement, students learn to follow music and recognise simple notation. In years 3 and 4, students have the opportunity to build on their music knowledge with singing and recorder. Year 5 students have access to the Instrumental Music Program.