Our Health and Physical Education

What Drives Us? Health & Physical Education Philosophy

Health and Physical Education (HPE) at Caroline Chisholm School is at aimed at developing all aspects of our student's wellbeing. It is not simply about sport; It is a comprehensive developmental program that aims to develop students into physically active, emotionally literate and socially competent young people.

Here at CCS, we encourage students to strive to achieve their personal goals: Our motto is positive participation, personal best and cooperation.

At CCS, the HPE program is taught over a fortnightly cycle, with these sessions separated into practical lessons (incorporating sport based learning and fitness development activities) and Health.

The Health and Physical Education curriculum is a carefully considered sequential progression of skills and knowledge, encouraging students to strive for personal growth and enjoyment in a safe, challenging environment.

Physical Education in the Senior Years

HPE in the Senior Years continues to build on the student self regulation and ownership of PE lessons that have been developed throughout the Middle Years. Year 9 students will have the opportunity to participate in Golf, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, Orienteering and Archery as well as a wide range of student electives to cater for student interest.

In Year 10 students are given significant responsibility and are encouraged to take sport from our school to the community as part of the Programming for Performance. CCS is continuing to develop strong partnerships with feeder primary schools, with students assuming roles as coaches and officials at local primary school carnivals and as referees and team leaders as part of the Year 6 Sport Expo. Year 10 students also learn about Athletics and recreational games.

Health Education in the Senior Years

The Health Education curriculum in the Senior Years is a diverse and challenging program with the aim of developing skills in decision-making, planning, risk management and problem-solving, as well as the ability to access relevant health information and services.

The Senior Years Health Program includes units of work on 'Community Health', 'Sexuality and Positive Relationships', 'Party Safe' and Mental Health'.