ACT Year 10 High School Certificate

The range of courses offered in ACT public and nongovernment high schools is approved by the board of each school. The ACT Year 10 Certificate is issued to students who have successfully completed an approved program of study to the end of year 10. Successful completion includes academic performance, attendance and conduct. The principal of the school makes the decision on the awarding of the ACT Year 10 Certificate.

Australian Capital Territory Year 10 High School Record

A High School Record is issued by the school and lists courses undertaken and grades earned by a student in Years 9 – 10. A High School Record will be issued to students who are transferring to another school within the ACT or leaving the ACT system.
Students who are not eligible to receive the Year 10 Certificate will be issued with a High School Record.

Year 10 Certification

Students in the ACT are awarded Year 10 Certificates or High School Records at the completion of studies in year 10. The certificates detail courses and grades studied in Years 9 and 10.

Certification and Appeals: Information relating to the Certification and the Appeals process can be found in the Year 10 Certification and Appeals Brochure PDF File (237kb).

Request for uncollected copies of year 10 certificates: To request an uncollected certificate contact the Educational Performance section of the Department on (02) 6205 0970. Personal identification, or written authorisation from the Certificate recipient, must be shown when the Certificate is collected.

Request for copies of Year 10 Certificates: Copies of Year 10 Certificates can be obtained for students who completed their studies at an ACT High School from 1986.

Year 10 Certification and Applications PDF File (132kb)