Preschool Policies and Procedures

Area of PracticeCorresponding RegulationsACT Education PolicyCCS Policy and Procedures
Acceptance & Refusal of Authorisations168ACT Public Preschool – Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation ProcedureAcceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Procedure
Dealing with Complaints168ACT Public Preschool – Complaints Procedure

CECA contact details

Preschool Complaints Resolution Procedure

Preschool Communication and Feedback Procedure

Delivery & Collection of Children168, 99ACT Public Preschool – Delivery and Collection of Children Procedures

Delivery and Collection of Children Procedure

Early Collection of Children Form

Authorisation Form

Emergency and Evacuation168, 97

ACT Public Preschool – Emergency Planning and Fire Safety Procedure

ACT Public Preschool letter risk minimisation communication plan template

2022 School Emergency Management Plan - Caroline Chisholm School Junior Campus

Unexpected and Immediate Closure of the Preschool Site Procedure

Enrolment & Orientation168, 158

ACT Public Preschool – Enrolment and Orientation Procedure for Preschool

ACT Public Preschool Transition procedure

Orientation to Kindergarten Information

Orientation to Preschool Information

Preschool Enrolment and Orientation Procedures

Early entry to Preschool Procedures- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander



Gifted and Talented

CCS Preschool Handbook 2020-2021

Timeline for ACT Public School Enrolment

Excursions168, 100, 102ACT Public Preschool – Excursion Procedure

Excursion Permission Note Template

Risk Assessment Template

First Aid168, 137, 136 (2), 94, 90, 89

ACT Public Preschool – Medical Conditions Procedure

ACT Education First Aid Policy

First Aid Policy - Education (

ACT Public Preschool incident/ injury/ trauma or illness record

ACT Public Preschool administration of medication record

Administration of Medication Procedure

Allergies and Anaphylaxis Procedure

Preschool Health and Safety First Aid Procedure

Governance & Management181, 168, 150

ACT Public preschool determining the nominated supervisor, responsible person and educational leader procedure

Access to student records guidelines and procedure

Governance procedures

Storage of confidential Information Procedures

Determining Responsible Person Procedure

Incident, injury, trauma, illness168, 85, 86, 87, 88

ACT Public Preschool – Medical Conditions Procedure

ACT Education First Aid Policy

First Aid Policy - Education (

Infectious Diseases Procedure

Handwashing Procedure

Hygiene Procedure

Head Lice Procedure

Nose Wiping Procedure

If a Child Becomes Unwell Procedure

ACT Public Preschool Incident Injury Trauma or Illness Record

Preschool Staff Immunisation School Policy and Procedure

First Aid Procedure

Interactions with Children168, 155, 156

ACT Public Preschool- Interacting with children guidelines

ACT Public Preschool- Determining the nominated supervisor, responsible person and Educational Leader Procedure

Inclusion Procedure

Determining the Responsible Person

Interactions with Children Procedure

Behaviour Guidance Procedure

Programming and Planning Guide

Physical Activity and Small Screen Recreation Policy and Procedure

Toileting and Hygiene Considerations Procedure

Medical Conditions168, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96

ACT Public Preschool – Medical Conditions Procedure

Dealing with Medical Conditions Procedure

ACT Public Preschool Letter Risk Minimisation and Communication Plan

ACT Public Preschool Risk Minimisation and Communication Plan

Allergy Anaphylaxis Notice

Administration of Medication Procedure

Administration of Medications Record

ASCIA Risk Minimisation Strategies Table

Nutrition Food & Beverages dietary requirements168

ACT Public School Food and Drink Policy - Education

ACT Public Preschool – Meal times, Nutrition, Dietary Requirements, Food Handling and Storage

Nutrition and Food Safety Procedure

Cooking Procedure at CCS

Food Storage Procedures

Payment of Fees168

ACT Public Preschool – Payment of fees and provision of receipt Procedure

ACT Public Preschool voluntary contributions and provision of a statement procedure

CCS Voluntary Contributions Procedure

Providing a Child Safe Environment168

ACT Public Preschool – Provision of a child safe environment

ACT Public Preschool- Participation of students guidelines

ACT Public Preschool- Sleep and rest procedures

End of Day Procedures Collection of Children

Safety of Preschool Grounds Procedure

Process for ensuring the cleanliness of preschool equipment

Promoting Physical activity and setting up outdoor equipment

Supervision Procedures at CCS

Working with Potting Mix Procedure

Storing Dangerous Products Procedure

Child Protection Procedure

Sleep and Rest Procedure


Working with vulnerable people (WWVP) registration (

ACT Public preschool staffing guidelines

Preschool Staffing Procedure

Preschool Volunteer and Visitor Procedure

Position Descriptors Procedure

Sun Protection168UV Sun Protection Policy

SunSmart procedures

No hat no play poster

Water Safety168

Swimming and Water Park Aquatic Activities Policy - Education

ACT Public Preschool water safety procedure

Preschool Water Safety Procedure