Students at Caroline Chisholm School are encouraged to explore our world through the subjects of Geography and History. The SOSE KLA provides students with the opportunity to use a variety of historical and geographical skills to come to an understanding of our world as it was in the past, is now and may be in the future.

The importance of these subjects is outlined in each of the Australian Curriculum Rationale statements as quoted below.


"History is a disciplined process of inquiry into the past that develops students' curiosity and imagination. Awareness of history is an essential characteristic of any society, and historical knowledge is fundamental to understanding ourselves and others. It promotes the understanding of societies, events, movements and developments that have shaped humanity from earliest times. It helps students appreciate how the world and its people have changed, as well as the significant continuities that exist to the present day. History, as a discipline, has its own methods and procedures which make it different from other ways of understanding human experience. The study of history is based on evidence derived from remains of the past. It is interpretative by nature, promotes debate and encourages thinking about human values, including present and future challenges. The process of historical inquiry develops transferable skills, such as the ability to ask relevant questions; critically analyse and interpret sources; consider context; respect and explain different perspectives; develop and substantiate interpretations, and communicate effectively."

ACARA, Australian History Curriculum Rationale, http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/humanitiesandsocialsciences/history/Rationale


"Geography is a structured way of exploring, analysing and understanding the characteristics of the places that make up our world, using the concepts of place, space, environment, interconnection, sustainability, scale and change. It addresses scales from the personal to the global and time periods from a few years to thousands of years.

Geography integrates knowledge from the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities to build a holistic understanding of the world. Students learn to question why the world is the way it is, reflect on their relationships with and responsibilities for that world, and propose actions designed to shape a socially just and sustainable future."

ACARA, Australian Geography Curriculum Rationale, http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/humanitiesandsocialsciences/geography/Rationale

As a P-10 school, particular focus is placed on the important transition times from

The SOSE KLA recognises the new demands high school places on students and has structured programs, resources and learning spaces to develop in students organisational as well as academic skills. As students develop and mature, focus is directed towards managing personal pathways, whether it is to a work or college environment.

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Enrichment Opportunities

Opportunities for enrichment in SOSE support the intellectual, cultural, social needs of students. These opportunities happen throughout the year and where possible link to current programs being taught or a whole school focus. Opportunities include group work opportunities, fieldwork and excursions.

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