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Students at Caroline Chisholm School are encouraged to explore language, literature and literacy and to meaningfully reflect on their work and the works of others. The English KLA provides students with the opportunity to read critically, and respond imaginatively and analytically to a variety of text types. An extensive range of learning opportunities are provided through the study of fiction, poetry, film, media and drama exposing students to literature from a variety of sources. Enrichment activities are used to support a range of student ability to ensure students understand the global context in which they live.

As a P-10 school, particular focus is placed on the important transition times from

The English KLA recognises the new demands high school places on students and has structured programs, resources and learning spaces to develop in students organisational as well as academic skills. As students develop and mature, focus is directed towards managing personal pathways, whether it is to a work or college environment.

English subjects

Enrichment Opportunities

Opportunities for enrichment in English support the intellectual, cultural, social needs of students. These opportunities happen throughout the year and where possible link to current programs being taught or a whole school focus. Opportunities include:

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