Our Transitions Program

The Transitions Program at Caroline Chisholm School (CCS) is designed to make the transition from the primary setting into our Middle School as smooth as possible.

At CCS, the transition process begins in term two of Year 6 and consists of 4 events, offered to all schools in the Chisholm Cluster- Gilmore Primary School, Gowrie Primary School, Fadden Primary School and Richardson Primary School. It is also open to any students in Year 6 who might have children interested in attending CCS.

Ignite Taster Day

Come and Ignite your love for the arts! An introduction to the Ignite Elective Package offered at CCS. Students participate in a range of Ignite Electives including 3D Animation, Digital Photography, Visual Arts, Drama, Woodwork and Outdoor Education

Open Night

A showcase of learning and achievement. Come and feel what a positive vibe CCS has about it!

Try hands on Science experiments, Art lessons, Drama Workshops. The evening will also include displays of student artwork, Year 9 & 10 Dance performance, Year 7, 8 & 9 camp displays, Drama Club performance, music performances, Glee Club performances, open classrooms and facilities and, most importantly, a chance to talk with teachers and students about what makes CCS a great place to learn.

Sport Expo

A 3 hour sports round robin where we mix it up and start to get to know the other kids from the Chisholm Cluster.

Middle Years Mash-Up

By now students know where they're going, so this is a special event for all the kids who will be joining us in the following year. A great day, with lots of opportunities to meet each other and get to know their Year Coordinator.

At CCS we value good communication and aim to give out incoming Year 7 students as much information about our school as possible. This process ensure students feel prepared for Middle School. Through the year, we produce a Transition Newsletter each term specifically aimed at Year 6 studnets enrolled in CCS for the following year.

Your child's primary school will provide you with more information closer to each event date. Should you have any questions about our Middle Years or the CCS Transitions Program, please don't hesitate to contact the school.

Orientation Week At Caroline Chisholm School

'Orientation Week' is a full week at the beginning of the year dedicated to supporting the transition from Primary School to our Middle Years program is effective in supporting learning.

During week 1, Caroline Chisholm offers a modified program to Year 7 students to allow them to learn about their new community and the Year 7 team.

  • Additional academic testing to develop an understanding of student strengths and weaknesses
  • Team Building and 'get to know you' activities
  • Get to Know your school 'Treasure Hunt'
  • Healthy Munch Lunch
  • Cementing Our Place at Chisholm
  • Opportunities to meet their teachers and dedicated Pastoral Care Support Staff
  • Birrigai Team Building Trip