Our Middle Years

Middle Schooling is a term that refers to an organisational structure that is proactive in addressing the unique developmental needs of early adolescents. Middle Schooling at Caroline Chisholm School (CCS) is characterised by pedagogy (the art and science of teaching), philosophies and curriculum that are based on experiential learning. In practice Middle Schooling involves elements such as:

  • Success for every student
  • Small learning communities that provide students with sustained individual attention in a safe and healthy school environment
  • Emphasis on strong teacher-student and student-student relationships through small class groupings and extended pastoral care opportunities
  • Parental and community involvement in student learning
  • Integrated and disciplinary curricula that is negotiated, relevant and challenging.
What does our Middle School look like at CCS?
  • Years 7 and 8 working along side one another in a designated Middle School building at the front of the school, on the southern side of Main Street.
  • Each class in the Middle School has a designated Home Room (HR) where most of the student interactions and learning occurs. At CCS, the students' take ownership of classes and remain in their room for at least 5 of 7 subjects, encouraging stability and connectedness with the environment.
  • The teachers in the Middle School share a common staffroom and therefore share both the academic and wellbeing goals for those students. Students have easy access to their teachers, with the staffroom being located in the centre of the Middle School.

A collection of photos of middle years students engaged in activities