Introducing Caroline Chisholm School

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

Caroline Chisholm School (CCS) is a co-educational, public school for students from Preschool to Year 10, situated in Canberra’s south-east Tuggeranong Valley overlooking the Brindabella Mountains. Caroline Chisholm School offers 12 years of continuous learning, assessment plus social and emotional programs with the students taking up their final years of study at their regional college or CIT.

Caroline Chisholm School comprises three separate, co located campuses – Pre School, Junior campus (Kindergarten – Year 5) and Senior campus, which is comprised of the Middle Years (Years 6-8) and Senior Years (Years 9-10). The Middle Years program enables early adolescent students to gradually transition from primary to secondary school.  The Middle Years and Senior Years programs at Caroline Chisholm School are unique to our region.

Caroline Chisholm School offers a diverse range of educational experiences including the Academic Challenge Program, Sporting Enrichment, Performing Arts, Learning Support Units, Study Centre and caters for a wide range of student learning styles and needs. In addition, Caroline Chisholm School has launched a new selective program called Ignite Maths and English.

Caroline Chisholm School has a strong sense of community. Our school has been a focal point within our surrounding suburbs since 1974. We take great pride in continuing to offer quality, traditional and contemporary educational programs to families who are in their first and second generation at the school as well as highly mobile families, including our Defence Force Transition Program.

All enrolment enquiries are welcome and considered, please do not hesitate to contact the school. Out of area enrolments are considered by appointment with our Principal, Wendy Wurfel.






108 Hambidge Crescent, Chisholm ACT 2905 | Phone: 6205 7277 / 6205 6055 Primary Site | Fax: 6205 7290 | Email: